6 Weeks of China!

Oct 11, 2008
Our homeschool group got together last night to celebrate the end of our studying of China we have been doing for the last six weeks. I love our little group this year and how our first country went. We shared a Chinese meal together, the kids showed off their lapbooks, told about their favorite part of what they learned in the last six weeks, and had fun with everyone's families being there. Our next country is Ireland and I can't wait to start that one this Wednesday. Love having all these kids together every week and we couldn't ask for better kids! And moms too!
Oh and of course we can't leave out the dads in this one either! ;)

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  1. Anna M-W said...:

    I found it!

    Sorry for my blog negligence. You know during football season I have tendency to disappear!

    Coupled with FB, I may never blog again!

    Miss yoU!

  1. www.creativeondemand.typepad.com said...:

    what? 6 weeks in china?... where the glue stick have I been?... oh, yeah... THAT would be IN CHINA....gugh! I wish you had told me... I would have sent you stuff (full of lead and toxic) ... I have a bit of "Yuan" left if you want it (money)... ugh... I just cannot believe THIS timing...
    and I PROMISE YOU... you all did NOT eat like the locals do...(reference my blog post... night market)... see the photo of kiersten in the chair... with her knees to her chin...eyes WIDE... THAT is her reaction knowing that I was just in CHINA...she is thinking... MAN O MANACHECITZ... the cool crap she could have sent.. oh little miss K... blame your mom.. Hopefully, she shared her postcard.
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo mucho
    catherine feegel-erhardt

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