Nov 20, 2008

My husband wants to go to this church!!! :) I think I'll be joining him there too! Love how this is getting such media attention and that for once christians aren't being seen as prudes.

You can hear the whole message here if you want.


  1. Liz said...:

    are you two taking the challenge?

  1. Elinette said...:

    I don't know if you know the Pastor Mark Driscoll from Seattle, but he is doing a series right now on the Song of Solomon and I think you will both really enjoy hearing what he has to say. You can check it out here

    You can actually go back and hear all the messages from the first one.

    WARNING: He is NOT your average pastor BUT I think when it comes to the Bible he is speaking truth...just in a very unorthodox way. ;-)

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