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Nov 5, 2008
I have many thoughts going through my head today as we have a new president elect. I do have to admit that my heart is a little heavy today but I do place my hope in God and know that no matter what He is sovereign! I don't believe that either candidate was everything I may have wanted so I would feel this way no matter who won last night.

As I told Kiersten last night, it is time to support our new president and to be in prayer for him no matter what we may feel.

A friend shared this video and this is my position both before the vote and will remain to be as we move forward in whatever it may be for our future. Click on the link to watch it as it is very powerful!


  1. Full of Scrap said...:

    I share your sentiments, Heather. My heart is heavy, but my hope and trust are in God, not in man. It is time for Christians to pray for our nation and those in authority over us like we've never prayed before. I place my confidence in God, who is in control even when circumstances may make us think otherwise. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11, and I fully believe that I have a future and a hope because of him. Have a blessed day, and take heart--God is in control!

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    I couldn't agree more, with your statement and with the above poster as well.

    My heart was heavy. But I realize that God is in full control and that means that He knows what is going on, what He's doing, and will lead our new president whether he likes it or not. My prayers are with Obama at this time because I simply do not have the urge to fight for the next 4 years for someone who I do not agree with. But what I will and can do is pray. Pray that he will do right by God. Do right by our people. Do right by saying what he means and doing it. Having a change of heart. Allowing the Lord to move him in areas he least expected. I pray that he is safe.

    He with either be a great president or not. But I am praying for the people and our country and will not cease.

  1. Amanda in RI said...:

    I agree. I told the kids, "God wasn't surprised by the outcome--He's still in control."

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