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Nov 25, 2008

Well I have had a few days to mull things over since seeing the movie and in one word...disappointing! Hollywood bit the dust on this one in my opinion. There were a few good things about this movie but the bad far outweighs them! I'm just so sad as they totally had a great chance at one amazing movie and they blew it! Someone said yesterday that it was a "made for tv" kind of show and that really hits the nail on the head. Made for late night tv at that!

The books were SO good and I know it's hard to translate a whole book into one movie but you could at least give it a decent shot instead of failing miserably. I still laugh at myself that I actually read a vampire series of books, as it's not my thing, but I was hooked like so many others. And I laughed at myself for watching a vampire movie too! Sadly I was laughing as well at the movie too. This is for sure one of those times where the books are WAY WAY WAY better than the movie!!!

So here are some of my jumbled thoughts I have been mulling over since Saturday night:

The good, bad and ugly....(in my humble opinion!)

1. Bella was WAY too pretty! In the books she seemed a little more ordinary to me. Not that she was ugly but I think they put someone in her role that was more hollywood then ordinary. And she was much sassier in the book to me and had a lot more personality then the movie. And she was expressionless!

2. Everything felt so working and choppy to me. It was like they were in a high school play, but then I have seen some plays there were better then this!

3. Jasper looked SO much like Edward Scissorhands! LOL! My friend liked him but I thought he was totally goofy throughout the movie! His hair cracked me up! I think he gets the award for the stupidest grin ever!

4. Totally laughed out loud when Carilisle walked through the er doors! Can you say soap opera star anyone? And what was the orange sprayed on hair? I think he should have been named Dr. Stone from Day's of our Lives or something like that as he would have fit better on that set then this one. Maybe they were next to each other during the filming!

5. Edward just look scared most of the time and that made me laugh!

6. They totally hacked the meadow scene where Edward takes Bella for the first time to see him in the sunlight. He looked like a ad for a bad tanning commercial or something. Totally ruined that one for me to what I pictured it to be!

7. Alice was great but they didn't give her enough time! She was such a great part of the book and used so little in the movie. And wasn't her hair red? How hard it is to get a red head actress...I'm sure there are plenty in hollywood just dying to be cast!

8. I do think they cast the 3 outcast vampires very well. Loved them!

9. With all the technology they have in the area of special effects you would think that they could have done so much better. The flying scenes were just awful! And what was the flying out of the room like that? Talk about awkward moment! It was just silly to me. I do think the tree scene was cool how they filmed it but just not needed.

10. I think the scenery shots were spot on for what I pictured in the book for the most part.

11. What was with all the meals in the diner? Bella cooked for Charlie because that is what he did before she got there and she was concerned for him. She took care of Charlie!

12. I did like the biology scene and think they did that pretty well with Edward going crazy there but it went down hill from there.

13. What the heck was the part where Rosalie was asked to rub up agained the tree like a animal? LOL!

14. Esme did great!!! Where was her kind of acting during the painful parts of the movie? Guess her time on Grey's prepared her for this!

15. Bella was NOT in her underwear in her room for the kissing scene! Where were her sweats we so loved from the book?!

16. I think Charlie did a great job too!

17. The girl who played Jessica and how they portrayed here was exactly how it was in my head!

18. The house to me was all wrong! It was great don't get me wrong, but again it was not what was in my head.

19. I loved the graduation caps artwork!

20. Jacob did okay I guess.

Well there you have it! Just my opinion of the movie now that I have had time to process it! Of course I could have done that in all the slow time during the movie, but I needed a few days to really form my opinion! I know we all have the way we sees things in our head when we read a book and that is left up to each person, but it just seems there were some really simple things they could have done so much better! I'm not sad that I went to see it as it was time out with a friend and that was cool. I just wish it would have not been the disappoinment that it was and that hollywood missed their chance to make a great movie from some really great books. And sadly they have 3 more to do! Hopefully they will read some reviews and take some clues from some hopefully still loyal fans!


  1. I liked the movie better than the book! I guess it helped to go with low expectations. I really liked it! The glistening skin was cheesy but everything else was great IMHO :)

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