The Advent Conspiracy

Dec 1, 2008

After reading about the poor man that was trampled to death at a Long Island Walmart, this video speaks volumes to me! I grew up with christmas being HUGE as my parents spoiled me and my sister so much. It was really insane the amount of gifts that were under our tree for just 2 little girls. Of course I enjoyed it very much but unforntately that mentality became part of what I thought christmas was for me. We have strived as a couple to not make it so commercialized and that really has been more to the fact that we just haven't ever had the money during this time to go overboard. I sadly have to admit that if we had the money I would probally spend lots during this time of year. Not just out of the commercialization of it but because I love to give gifts. But when you don't have the money to do so it definitely puts that into perspective.

And then we had our little girl and all the memories of the HUGE christmass' I grew up with came flooding back in. I wanted her to have what I had and that mentality took root in my head. And since she is our only child and is pretty much spoiled throughout the years, why not for christmas? Sad but true! And it's not because she asks for everything but it is ingrained in me in how I grew up and how I spent literally all morning opening gifts that quickly became just objects collecting dust in my room soon after.

So we have strived as a family to try to keep things controllable and thankfully that has been more because of our finances than what I would really do if we had the money to spend. But even in that I want my heart to be changed. The past few years we have been giving gifts of experiences to each other and that is something I hope to make a tradition and to make something that our little girl will pass on. They have been things such as a season pass to our Nature Center, movie tickets, a special date night for my hubby, simply things that we can do together as a family and have that shared experience together. It can be spending money or not, whatever we want that experience to be.

So as I watched the above video it spoke volumes to my heart and to where I want it to be. I'm getting there and consider myself a slowly recovering christmasholic! I don't want my little girl to grow up thinking that christmas is all about how many gifts she gets under the tree or anything of the sort. I want her to know the true meaning and that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and how He was born to GIVE His life for us.

What can I give back to Him for all that He gave to us this christmas?


  1. Candace H said...:

    Wow, Heather, thanks for this post. Me too. I'll be posting this later. A reforming Christmasaholic.

  1. Virginia said...:

    Dang Heather, I so wish we lived closer. You so eloquently put on your blog so many things that are on my heart... you encourage me!

    I am definitely a recovering Christmasaholic, and we are praying and seeking ways to truly celebrate Christmas- the advent season. Thanks for sharing that video... I love it.

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