So sad!

Dec 3, 2008

One of my favorite shows is set to be canceled and I am so sad! We just love this show! There is nothing like this anywhere there we have ever watched and love the quirkiness and just everything about it! If you haven't ever watched it, you should! One of my favorite lines from tonight's show was "I need a emotional snow day!" And after the day I had today I could really use one of those! So if you like this show and want to see it keep running visit this website and sign the petition to keep it going. So sad when I can think of so many other shows that could canceled besides this one!


  1. Virginia said...:

    I know- I heard that too and was so sad! I love that the stylings of the show are so visually appealing... like literal eye candy, and the plot line is so interesting to me. I really hope that they will see the outpourings from the fans and keep it on.

    (Plus, couldn't they get rid of one of the many medical/crime scene shows? ugh!)

  1. Melanie said...:

    It's one of my favorite shows, too and I can't BELIEVE this show would be cancelled. It's the absolute cutest!!! I wonder if it's b/c it's on Wed night? Gosh- I'm with you - move out the medical/crime stuff and make room for the fun stuff.

  1. Amanda in RI said...:

    It happens to Steve and I every time we really, really like a show. I'm starting to get a complex! LOL

  1. Stephanie said...:

    I love Pushing Daisies. I'm taking an emotional snow day today in honor of the show (and because I need one)!

  1. Sheri said...:

    Never watched it, but I am sorry your show got canceled, I know that's so frustrating!

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