Jan 20, 2009

We are up in Ohio right now and Kiersten is having a wonderful time with all the snow! She is outside as much as I will let her and I have to drag her in just to get warmed up some before going back out. She is in heaven! ;) The picture of her and my nephew in the hole just cracked me up! They were digging out a tunnel and Bear, the dog, would dig right beside them. Too funny! It's nice to get these memories but know that soon we will be going back to NC where it is a bit warmer then here and not so slushy messy and icey all the time! ;)
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  1. Sarah Mullanix said...:

    Great pictures, love the one with both of their heads stuck in the snow, so cute!


  1. Jill said...:

    So fun!!! We'll be visiting OH next month...hoping the snow lasts!

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    What fun photos! But girl!! I love Kiersten's jacket, that rocks!!! :)

  1. That last pic is hilarious!

  1. Ronette said...:

    Your pictures are always so gorgeous, Heather. Love the bottoms sticking out of the snow! LOL!!

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