A northern car!

Jan 29, 2009

I don't miss this at all! Up north this is what your cars look like all winter long because of the snow, salt, slush mud and why even bother washing them! I got back to NC on Saturday and drove around a couple of days with my car like this before I got a chance to wash and I'm sure I got some strange looks at the state of my car! And this was even after I washed the windows while I was getting gas. Before the windows were just as bad as the rest of the car! Because up north you look like everyone else driving around like this, down here not so much! I like my nice clean car now and green (well semi brown!) grass thank you very much!
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  1. Lisa Howard said...:

    What??? You mean my car shouldn't look like that? Ha! I certainly don't wash mine as often as I should. Glad you are back in Asheville safe and sound. Wanted you to know I enjoy your blog and seeing what is going on in your part of the world. Hope to see you soon!

  1. Chelel said...:

    Hey North Carolina -- I found your blog from the Workbox Yahoo loop. I've enjoyed reading it. Love what you did w/the numbers for the workboxs -- very crafty. When we went to NY (not the city) to visit my family for Christmas, my van was a mess. I was kicking slush build up off the car multiple times a day. By the time we were in Maryland on our way home, I couldn't stand it any more -- to the car wash we went. I had forgotten how dirty the beautiful white snow can be. LOL
    Chele @ homeschoolblogger.com/chelelew

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