Food, Inc.

Jun 9, 2009

Very interesting indeed! I watched these producers of this movie this morning on GMA and I was a little disturbed by what they were saying. Very sad indeed the state of our food! But hard that we can't afford to eat more healthy because of how expensive it is. We have a great organic store in our area and I just don't know how people afford to buy all their groceries there. We went there last Sunday and and one very little bag of groceries and it was $55 bucks! You can look at their website here

*I tried to link the trailer but can't so just visit the site and watch it if you want*


  1. Rachel said...:

    I agree Heather, I can't stand the state of our's so sad. Time to hit the tail gate markets...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    We'd love to eat more organic too. We grow a garden and such but would like to buy and use things we can't grow but the organic grocery stores are very pricey and I literally choke up when I see some of the prices.

    It's ridiculous. We (not just our family but many others) want to eat healthier, etc. but can't afford too and what stuff we can afford (the non-organic, less healthier stuff) ends up costing us more in the long run with doctor bills due to health issues.

    If you haven't ever checked this site out... check it out. The family grows a LOT and I mean a LOT of their own fruits and vegetables on 1/10th of an acre in the city!! It's amazing.

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