I Heart Faces Week 27

Jul 13, 2009
I took this picture last summer as my little girl was playing in the pool with her puppy! It is one of those pictures that I can just hear her laughter every time I look at it! Izzy wasn't too happy to be in the pool but Kiersten wouldn't let her out!

Kiersten loves soccer and I loved capturing this expression during one of her games!
Be sure to check out all the other amazing entries at the link below!


  1. Amy said...:

    Very good shots on both!!

  1. Patty said...:

    Those are both very good shots!

  1. Tara said...:

    OMGosh, the first one is just too cute! Love her expression and the composition.

  1. Annette said...:

    Oh my, the puppy shot is so cute! Love it.

    Great action shot as well.

  1. Rosina said...:

    Love the soccer picture! I can see the movement of the soccer ball--and her expression is priceless!

  1. Heather said...:

    Great shots, but I just really really love that first one :)

  1. Tricia Nugen said...:

    Great shots! Love them both. You can't go wrong with a cute little wet puppy!

  1. K. said...:

    Fantastic timing on the sports shot - and you're right about being able to hear the laughter in the first one... even without knowing the subject or her puppy :)

  1. Mozer said...:

    LOL! Did your dog enjoy swimming? That pic. makes me smile!

  1. Kelly said...:

    I love the photo of your daughter with the puppy! Looks like it was so much fun. Our dog also loves to swim--too cute!

  1. Kiersten is such a beautiful and a very photogenic girl. I really love looking at her photo while playing soccer. She’s so cute!!!

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