Kiersten the babysitter!

Sep 5, 2009

We were so blessed to be able to keep this little one last week, since her mom was pretty sick and needed to rest. Kiersten loved every second of it and was really an awesome babysitter. She can't wait until she can start babysitting for "real" (like as a job!) She was so attentive and took great care of Ella. The only thing she wouldn't do was change the poopy diaper. She even went as far to say "lets not feed her too much so she doesn't have a lot of poopage!" If it only worked that way. lol! I told her this won't be optional when she babysits for real, without me, and she was okay with that. Guess she needs a little more practice in that area. She is going to be a wonderful babysitter in a couple of years for sure!


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