The Simple Life book review

Sep 20, 2009


I read the Simple Life this past week for The Ooze Viral Bloggers and found it a good, but kind of long read, for the topic that has simple in the title.  It was easy to read and I liked the life stories that were shared by the father/son team as they interviewed over a 1000 people for this book.  I really liked the examples that they shared from the many people they interviewed and no matter how different people's life seem to be that it can all be taken down to the simple fact that we all desire change in some way or another.  And making life simpler is the answer to many people's issues and this book gives some very practical ways just how to do that. It covers 4 key areas in our life that affect us all in different ways that are time, relationships, money and God.  It is written by Thom Rainer and his son, Art.   There is an interview on Lifeway site I linked about that is a good about this book. 

For me personally, I can't say that I learned anything new by reading this book, but I did finish it with the desire to take a good inventory of my life and to see what areas I could simplify things.  So for that fact alone, I would recommend this book.  I think anything that causes us to slow our busy pace so many of us have and to focus on the important things, is good; very good. 


  1. Elizabeth said...:

    Hey it's me again! I couldn't find that book you recommended on your blog. And I cannot remember the name of it. I wanted to buy it! I think it was something like Shame Off Me? I'm sorry I don't remember it! :) Can you please share that again! Thanks.

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