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Oct 19, 2009
All these thoughts came from a question on a quiz I took today of  "what to you want to be in 10 years?"  Well I was feeling nostalgic and took it and looked back on the last 10 years of scrapbooking in my life and what it has meant.  :)

I haven't scrapped much at all lately (actually nothing at all since our event in March!) and I'm perfectly okay with that.  I have been thinking on all the amazing things I have been able to do simply because of my love for scrapbooking.  And all the wonderful people I have met because of it too!  I would have never thought that the day I met my local creative memories consultant to get my first album, I would take scrapbooking to the place I did.  I so very thankful for all of it!  Looking back 10 years is pretty cool to see where I have gone and where I want to go now.  I still love scrapbooking  but the break has been good.  I needed to just set things aside and really remember and find my love for it again.  I can't say that it's completley back but it's coming. 

I have: (I am not one to brag at all and I hate drawing attention to myself so I hope this doesn't come across as bragging; but I do like lists! lol!)

*had my scrapbooking pages published in magazines and idea books (over 250 of them! yes I did count at one point because me and fellow scrappy friend thought it would be fun and I know it's nerdy but I like stuff like that!)
*had 2 covers of magazines (one all the way in China!)
*worked on many different company design teams
*taught on 3 different scrapbooking cruises
*traveled all over the united states and Canada for about 2 years teaching
*owned a paper company and kit club company with my family
*won CK Hall of Fame is 2006 and won a honorable mention in 2004, 2005
*overcame my fear of talking in front of people by teaching LOTS of scrappers at one time
*met so many wonderful people and made some long lasting friendships
*designed paper (something I never thought I would do or even could do!)
*designed stickers for CK for kits they put together
*and so much more!

this link is to a online scrapbook resume that I kept while I was in the publishing side of scrapbooking.  It's pretty fun to look back and see all of it. 

I have pages and pages that fills many albums that are wonderful to sit down and look at.  I thankful for the part of scrapbooking that helped me document so many parts of our lives.  That is something that I want to keep doing and it's nice to have the "business" side out of it for right now.  It's wonderful to know that my love for it it still there, even though it's been dormat for some time.  In a couple of weeks I'm going away with a friend for a scrapbooking retreat and I'm actually looking forward to it!  I am so thankful and humbled by what I was able to do with a "career" in scrapbooking, but have to say I'm thankful that period of my life is over.  I'm looking forward to simply enjoying scrapbooking for just that...enjoyment!  (of course we still have our event in March so I haven't totally stepped away from the business side of things but this is something I am looking very forward to!)


  1. Wow, how very cool we would both post similar things today. (of course my resume is NOT as long as yours, miss famous) :D I love that we are on the same wavelength. Wish we could scrapbook together!


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