Girl Talk Book Review

Nov 4, 2009

Girl Talk is a book put out by Five Star Publications and is written by Gigi Garner (who is the daughter of James Garner). 

Reading this book was like sitting in your living room or around your kitchen table with a bunch of girlfriends just chatting.  It was a very quick and easy read.  I laughed, could relate, learned and enjoyed the stories of the many wonderful women that shared for this book.  I think that it would make a great gift for the friend you don't really know what to get.  

The only downside that I see to the book is that the price it a little high at $15.95 in my opinion.  I think if it could be a little smaller in size to nicely tuck inside a gift basket or even mail in a card that would be a great idea.  

It's one of those books that is nice to just sit around, like in the bathroom because who doesn't like to read in the bathroom! I liked that you could pick up anywhere and read some fun stories, glean some good advice and just sit and relax with some good friends.

As far as recommending it, I am on the fence for the reasons above as the price and the size of it, but I am very pleased to been given the opportunity to read it.  I definitely learned some fun new ways to use olive oil, some great recipes,  a proven stain remover, some wonderful stories of hope and stories that made me laugh.

**This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Five Star Publications for this review.Photobucket


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