Around the World Geography Co-Op Week 5 Thailand

Oct 16, 2010
This was our last week of Thailand and it was so fun to see all that we have learned!  Next week we have our lapbook session and then our dinner later in the evening, which I can't wait for!  It has been a wonderful journey and one that I'm so excited to have such a great group of moms and kids come along with me! This week we talked about:

*2 dog species that are orginially from Thailand and one cat and watched a you tube video on one of the dogs
*3 missions from the L.I.F.E. organiztion that help woman help themselves 
*The tickle plant and one of the largest plants in the world that smells like rotting meat (gross!)
*Shadow puppets
*Thai food that Becky cooked for us that the kids loved!


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