Check out our new venture!

Oct 12, 2010
My sister and I are up to something again and you can check it out on our new blog here.  It all started with Heidi just talking to me about the idea of candy buffets and stations and it all went from there.  Heidi has already done two parties up in Ohio and I"ve made the "artsy" stuff to go with them.  I'm not sure where I'll take this here, in this area, but I'm excited to be helping out my sister in what she is doing.  I would love to be able to do this but just need some friends to volunteer to let me do it at their speical occasions!  Unfortunately the downside of moving and not knowing too many people yet!

Here is the logo I designed for it and I think it's pretty cute! (if I don't say so myself! lol!)


  1. Leslie said...:

    Too cute!!! You are amazing!!! I hope you have fun doing all of this!


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