Loving Eleven!

Oct 5, 2010
I am so loving this age with my girl! I always thought the little ages were my favorite, and I did love them, but eleven is so fun! I'm seeing so much maturity in her and it's beautiful to watch.  I'm so thankful for the one blessing God gave us in this beautiful girl!

Just some of the things I'm loving about my girl today:
*she is so creative!  She can make or sew just about anything she sees and I'm pretty impressed with that!  she has made a whole house for her American Girls out of cardboard and sews great clothes for them out of pieces of fabric we find.
*she is a gift giver and always has been.  She loves to give gifts and is always thinking of ways to surprise others.  I love that!
*she is a hard worker. 
*she is doing so well in school this year and I really think we have turned a big corner when it comes to school
*she is sassy and sarcastic, but in a good way.  She makes us laugh all the time with her ways of saying things
*she has adjusted so well to our move and I'm so proud of her.  We still don't have the friends around us like we did in Asheville but they are coming and I'm loving the ones we have been able to meet so far
*she has started making her bed everyday and her room has stayed clean for weeks now!  I don't know what has happened but I'm liking it and hoping it sticks around!
*she has a laugh that is just contagious
*she is loving the church we are going to and I'm excited to see her faith growing in leaps and bounds
*she is not afraid to ask anyone if they are a christian and if not then why!
*she can play with just about any age
*she is amazing with little kids and I think she will have a great babysitting career in the future!
*she flips and does backflips all over the house and I love that she loves gymnastics so much
*the simple fact that she is ours and I couldn't imagine our life without her!

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  1. Shannon Taylor said...:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Heather this is a super sweet Kiersten post! Thanks for sharing. She's a cutie pie & sure is growing up!

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    aw what a sweetie :)

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