My Etsy Shop!

May 14, 2011
I have been wanting and  meaning to do this for a long time now but just kept putting it off.  I am proud to say that's my etsy shop is finally up and running!  Granted I only have 1 item in it, but it's a start!  I have more to put up but for now that will have to do.

I have a passion to share my work with others and hopefully this will be a way to do just that!  I so enjoy the process of creating something that I know will help bring a special memory to someone somewhere.

Here is my first piece of work that I'm selling...


I hope to be able to make some extra moolah to help us breathe a little easier since things are pretty tight right now.  I know a lot of us feel that way and I'm just trying to do my part and help my wonderful hard working amazing husband out just a little.  :)  You can check out my shop here is you want to take a look.  

Here is my logo that I made up for the shop as well.  :)


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