I got to scrap this weekend!

Oct 1, 2012
It's so nice to know that my love for scrapbooking is still there!  It's been some time since I got to really sit down and spend some time scrapping and I was able to this weekend and it felt good!  When I first started scrapbooking during my Creative Memory days I was a chronological scrapper because they said there was no other way to do it.  As I looked at the two pages I finished this weekend I had to laugh as one if from his first day and the next when he is 10 months!  I think I missed a whole bunch in between!  lol!  But I'm okay with that.  These are the pictures that inspired me and I'll get back to the middle ground some time.  So thankful that I found what worked for me in scrapbooking as I know I would have thrown in my towel long ago if I had to scrap the way I was first taught to!


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