Dance with me!

Oct 29, 2008
This song spoke to my heart this weekend when Steve and I went away to a retreat and I wanted to share it here. It is such an amazing thing knowing that our Papa loves us so very much and desires us so much than we can ever imagine! As this song was being song during one of our praise and worship times, I had a picture of the Father and I dancing in this huge ballroom, it was just Him and me, and He was leading me around with His eyes locked on me and in complete control of everything. It was amazing and I truly felt dizzy from His love overwhelming for me!

Dance with me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs
Romance me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs

Behold You have come
Over the hills
Upon the mountains
To me You have run
My beloved
You've captured my heart

With You I will go
You are my love
You are my fair one
Winter is past
And the springtime has come

Dance with me


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love your background! So gorgeous. I know I'm late but I'm bookmarking the new blog site!

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