A story to increase your faith!

Oct 27, 2008
Do you ever hear stories that increases your faith and you know you will forever be changed because of hearing it? Well this one of those moments for me and I want to share it with you all.

A youth gave a testimony of what happened on a missions trip to Guatemala last summer (she is about 16)

They were visiting a village in the mountain area of Guatemala and on that day the lady they were visiting with was fixing a meal for a woman that had birthed a stillborn baby during the night.

They visited the same village again, 27 hours after the birth of the baby, and asked if they could pray for her. The village believes in witch doctors and not God so the lady declined saying she didn't believe in their God. The ministry team that was there felt like they were to pray over her dead baby, who was wrapped up in the back room of her hut. So they asked their interpreter to ask this, and pretty much everyone thought they were crazy. The mother ended up saying yes and went outside. They found the baby in the back room all wrapped up in preparation for her grave, simply awaiting the arrival of the witch doctor to do the ceremony. The leader of the team asked if they could unwrap the baby's face and they were allowed to as long as they wrapped her up just as she was. They thought they were being disrespectful of the dead but let them do it anyways.

So for about the next 45 minutes these teens prayed over this baby. One of the girls kept saying that she had the faith, that hers was at least as big as a mustard seed, that God could bring this baby back to life. Her name was Julie and she was holding the baby in her lap as they prayed. All of a sudden, Julie gasped and looked up with a look of pure terror (or at least that is what they thought is was!) and looked down at the baby and saw that her nose was moving. And then all of the sudden the baby let out this horrifying cry and the mother ran in the hut screaming "What did you do to my baby?!" They told her that all they have been doing is praying and that the baby came to life in their hands. The mother ran out of the hut and left the girls holding the baby, much to their surprise.

The mother was out running from hut to hut saying that "These people's God is real because my baby lives!" The whole village knew that the baby was born dead and in that culture it was very shameful to birth a still born and her husband had already left her. The villagers were all gathering in the center of the village to see the baby. The teens got our their sound system, and through the interpretor, told the message of salvation and that our God does miracles and this little girl was one of them. All 70 people in the village came to know Jesus that very day!

The mother named the child Julie, after the one who was holding her baby as she came back to life. And the shame that was upon the mother's head broke off as she celebrated with her newborn baby!


  1. Virginia said...:

    Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. How amazing. Our God is a really big God.

  1. Lisa J. said...:

    Such an omnipresent God who can do ANYTHING. WOW such a touching story. Thanks for sharing Heather!

  1. Karen P. said...:

    Thanks for sharing that awesome story. What a great reminder that God still does work in mighty ways and that nothing is beyond his power. Sometimes we can't understand the way he works, but we can still see his hand, nonetheless. Have a blessed day, Heather!

  1. tammy kay said...:

    wow. I don't know what to say! Praise the Lord!

  1. Jill said...:

    What an amazing experience for these people. Thank you for sharing it!

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    What a beautiful testimony to our loving father who's hands and prayers reaches many!!

  1. Melanie said...:

    Heather - This an AWESOME story! Praise God! I'm going to share this with some ladies in my church. Thanks for sharing.

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