Snow again!

Nov 21, 2008

Not the best picture but it's something to show for our BIG snow! :)

I think this is our third snow already this year and that is pretty unusual for us! And this is also what cancels schools in our area! This good ol' Ohio girl just shakes her head in bewilderment at that! But then if you have never drove in snow then it's best to just stay in the house! I'm sure all the bread and the milk in the grocery stores was gone last night too. That reminds of a time in college when we went to the grocery store and there was literally ONE mangled loaf of bread and NO milk and it was then that we realized they must have called for snow. We didn't have a tv then and didn't listen to much of the news so we were totally out of the loop as to what was happening. Of course it always melts a few hours if less and the panic is over. I've always wondered what everyone does with all that bread and milk after they discover that they really weren't going to get snowed in for days upon days! :)

The last time it snowed here we were in the middle of school and I was a mean mommy that wouldn't let her go out and play and by the time we were done the snow was all gone. So I promised the next time it snowed she could go right out. Thankfully it was early this morning and we were just getting up. Of course she ran out in her bare feet at first and I had to be the mean mommy making her come in to put on shoes! Geez, I'm always ruining the fun huh?! Now the snow has stopped already and we are on our way to history/science club.
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