So loving 9!

Nov 20, 2008
She is actually closer to 10 now but I was reflecting the other day just how much I have loved this age! I am seeing so much of her personality come through and watching her develop into her own person and I love it! I can't imagine a day without her and her bubbly personaity and there are days right now where that is what gets me through! I love watching her with her friends and how she handles things with them. I love that she has developed the ability to be a little sarcastic, as we can be that at times, and she dishes it right back and it makes us laugh! I love her giving heart and how gift giving is what makes her happy. Her love languge is no doubt that of gifts! I love that she is taking interest in bigger things that would normally not interest her. I love that we can have deep conversations that before this went over her head. I love how she cares for people. I love her laugh and how it fills our house. I love that she can play just as well by herself as she can with a big group of friends. I love that she can create amazing things out of cardboard, tape and scissors. I love the beauty that shines out from the inside out. I love how black and white she is. I simply love this girl and her being 9!!!!
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  1. Elizabeth said...:

    I love what you wrote about Kristen! She's a cutie and that's such a great photo of her too! It's fun seeing our children grow up and become their own person!

  1. This is such a neat post. I'm glad you are enjoying this age.

    Beautiful new blog design Heather!!! No wonder I wasn't getting updates for your blog anymore. I'll change the links.

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