At the Cross

Dec 8, 2008

This song above can pretty much sum up my weekend. We went to visit some friends in Virginia that we hadn't seen in a long time and I surely didn't expect for God to meet me the way He did. He is SO good! I was simply looking forward to getting away from my life for a weekend and just relaxing and having fun with good friends. Sometimes I am sadden at the small box I can so often put God in and that He caught me so much by surprise this weekend. But even in that I have hope.

The church our friends are in leadership at and attend, The Dwelling Place, is one pretty awesome church. It definitely one of those places we wish we had in our area because we would attend in a heartbeat. They had a guest speaker from South Africa (Terry Rose) that was incredible. Actually it really had nothing to do with him, but him letting God speak through him in a wonderfully mighty way. We had planned on leaving right after the service on Sunday and driving back but after the morning service we decided to stay for the evening time and leave early today. And we are so glad we did because God met us in ways only He can and brought us to a place that we both needed to be.

"The lowest form of christianity is to seek the blessing, the highest form is to be a blessing"

The above is a quote from the speaker that really stuck with me. Such truth there! So often we (I) go to God with the prayers of bless me, bless me and He really wants us to be a blessing to others and out of that we are blessed.

I have lots of thoughts to sort out from the weekend. Praise and worship was incredible and you could tangibly feel the presence of God in the room as we worshiped.
Papa is teaching me so much about worship lately and what it means to be a worshiper. My soul longs to be in His presence! I am so thankful that no matter where we are in our walk in Him, His mercy is there at the foot of the cross and there is nothing we have to do except bow before Him and He picks us up right there and renews us. I want to live in the knowing of that mercy and in what Christ did on the cross for me....for you! I think living in that knowing of just how much Christ did for us on the cross is essential to walking in wholeness and it's when we loose sight of just how big that sacrifice was that we get in trouble. Knowing that no matter what we go through or where we are or what we are experiencing is nothing that Christ didn't already die for is mind boggling to me. Tonight my heart is humbled in knowing that truth and how that truth can set you free from SO much!


  1. Visiting your blog ALWAYS makes me smile, Heather. :) It is beautiful and encouraging. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

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