Homeschool Tuesdays!

Jan 7, 2009




When we first started homeschooling two years ago, Rachel and I would get together and do some projects together with the girls with Five in a Row. It was a great time and somehow we just got on different paths and stopped meeting. Well I am so happy that we are back to doing this and it is great for the girls and also for accountability on both mine and Rachel's part. I can't say enough how wonderful it is to have someone as wonderful as Rachel to walk along beside me on this journey of homeschooling. I am truely blessed!

This week we both started Snowflake Bentley from Vol. 4 of Five in a Row and did an experiment on crystals and made snowflakes. It was a lot of fun!!!
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  1. The girls snowflakes turned out so beautiful!

  1. Great snowflakes. :) Glad you and Rachel are able to share this journey together, Heather. Blessings~

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