Sign of our times!

Jan 7, 2009

I snapped this picture (while driving!) the other day of this truck that is parked down the road from our house. Steve and I laughed the first time we saw it. And then it was kind of sad to think of the times our economy is in right now. And then we were very thankful for the work that Steve has and the jobs he even got this week and were reminded once again of the Lord's faithfulness to us. We pray this person will get some work too! Of course Steve said the guy would have to hire a painter to paint the truck since he painted right on it and who would want to buy something like that! lol!
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  1. Oh, that is kind of sad. :/ These are tough times. I'm glad the Lord is our source and not a job or career...because a lot of those are so shaky right now~

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