Love craigslist!

Feb 13, 2009

What a wonderful way to get some stuff sold and not do a whole lot of work for it! And who would have known how popular a red couch would be! I got SO many people wanting that and it sold in about an hour! Wish I had some more of those to put on!

Are you looking for some cute comforters or bunk beds? Thought I would put these here as well as I just put them on craiglist. My girl is moving to a double bed when we move so we are getting rid of these.


  1. Virginia said...:

    Gosh, I love those bunks and wish I COULD take them off your hands! :)

    How 'bout the bedding? hehe

  1. Christy B said...:

    Do you remember where you got the bedding? We're still redoing DD's bedroom and she might like this bedding. I'll have to show her. We just need one set, since my DD has a daybed.

    Very cute and congrats on selling your couch so quickly!

  1. justjudie said...: the comforters. how r u doing with the "move", lol? where are you moving to?
    never been to crais=gs list, may have to go check it out.
    best wishes!

  1. Leslie said...:

    Congrats on the quick sale of the sofa - if we had been close enough, i would have wanted it!!! Ours is pitiful.

    Cute comforters! Sounds like you are doing well! (((Heather)))

  1. I love this! I don't need it, but I wish I did. It's so cute.

    You are moving again??? Where are you going?

    I checked the box so I would get an e-mail alert when you answer here.

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