I survived!!!!

Feb 14, 2009
Another slumber party that is! I think this is my 4th one in my little girl's 10th year. It was a lot of fun but I am one wiped out mama! It's was nonstop action from the time they walked into the door at 5! But I really did love every minute of it! Can't believe my girl is turning 10 on Tuesday!


  1. Bonnie said...:

    Heather, Looks like they had fun! You are so organized! My daughter's 11th birthday is Feb. 26 & I thought making the individual pizzas would be a fun idea too! I have a couple of questions about how you made them though. Are those paper plates they are making them on? If so, did you have to move them all to a baking sheet to bake them? Any special way to keep up with which pizza belonged to which girl? THANKS! Bonnie

  1. Lisa T. Howard said...:

    Looks like a great party! I had to laugh at your organization skills...don't worry it was a good kinda laugh. I used to plan all of Keri's sleep overs much the same way. Things just seemed to go so much smoother if it was all laid out and ready to go! Happy, happy birthday to Kiersten!

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