My Baby is 10!!!!

Feb 17, 2009

I can hardly believe it! We are in the double digits now! I kept telling her I wasn't going to let her turn 10. :) Too bad you can't stop time huh? We had such a wonderful day. One of her favorite things is to go to the mall so we gave her some money and off we went. Now if you know me, I detest the mall! So I really love my girl! We ended up at Build a Bear and she got a monkey and named her DD (for double digit!), tried on clothes at The Gap and Limited Too and got a few things there. It was a wonderful day spent with my little girl who is getting SO big right before our very eyes. I do have to say I am enjoying her so much and with each age there are just different things to expect and so far so good. I love that we can hang out and just have fun being silly together and that she gets my sacrasm as she is just the same. So happy birthday to my sweet 10 year old girl! Off to Asiana, her favorite place, even though it makes my stomach hurt when I eat there! It's all worth it for her!
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  1. Lisa T. Howard said...:

    Happy, happy birthday Kiersten!!! Heather, I'm with you, Asiana makes my stomach hurt too, but I go in the name of love for my kiddos. Funny how we do that. You have a beautiful girl and many wonderful mother/daughter days ahead!

  1. Happy Birthday Kiersten!!

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