Supporting the Lamberts!

Feb 16, 2009

The Boxcar Children has 5 different sections to it or you can download them all for one price.

For those of you in the homeschooling community and who know the Lamberts from Five in a Row, you already know what they have been going through. For those who don't know them or what has been going on, Steve Lambert fell on the ice a few weeks ago in Michigan and hit his head and caused his brain to bleed. He was having some neurological issues because of this that led to him having to have brain surgery last week. He is doing well and expected to make a full recovery. The hard part is that they have no health insurance and this will be quite costly for them.

What is my point in telling you all this? Well here's the deal...

I have created some fold and learns for them to go along with the curriculum and will be creating more in the future. I will be giving away 3 of my fold and learns for those of you that purchase at least one item out of their digital store. All you have to do is post here that you purchased something and it doesn't have to be one of mine as there are lots of great options there to enhance your homeschool experience. Below are the ones I have done so you can see them. I will pick the winners and give you your choice of fold and learns on Monday. I will be out of town from Thurs. to Sun. so this will give you some time to check out things. Please help me support the Lamberts as they really could use all the help we can give them during this hard time for them. The link to the store is HERE.


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