Lost 7.8 lbs!

Mar 31, 2009
Well I returned to Weight Watchers last night and it went really well. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her congratulate me on loosing 7.8 lbs! Of course it had been about a month and a half since my last meeting, but I haven't been keeping track at all, not eating the way I should, not going to the gym the way I was, and eating out a lot. Not great components to loosing weight at all! But I have been extremely busy so I think that helping a lot. There were times in the past month that I just didn't have time to even sit down for whole days and eating was just not a priority. Not healthy but reality. At least it was better than chowing down on junk! :)

My blog on the always having that next thing is where this really hits home to me. Right now I don't have anything pressing on the calender biding for my attention and I have time to focus on things that have been put on the side. Getting healthy being one of the main ones. Normally I would tell myself that I would go back to a meeting once I was able to track my food for a couple of weeks and feel good about where I was. Kind of the whole concept of getting cleaned up before you take a bath. I fool myself into those kind of thoughts and it always backfires. I end up no where and in the long run only hurt myself.

So I decided there was no more putting things off and I did it. I was so thankful for the results I got, but no matter, it was getting there that was the important part for me. I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario though, thankfully that was not where it went. I definitely walked out of there with a lot more confidence than what I walked in with and a new commitment to keep going. Of course having pants that have saggy butts and are falling off of you are a big push too to keep going too! ;) My goal is to simply start getting healthy and take care of myself and loosing weight is just the added benefit.

I wanted to share my absolute favorite snack right now! Have you had laughing cow swiss cheese? OMG...so yummy! I eat them with Pretzel Crisps (all from Sam's club) and for 2 wedges of cheese and 11 pretzels it's only 3 points. That is one great snack! Highly recommend it if you haven't tried them before.


  1. annette said...:

    love laughing cow cheese! my favorite snack! good for you heather.

  1. Sheri said...:

    That's wonderful Heather!! Congratulations!

  1. barb said...:

    I love Laughing Cow too, Heather! Great job on the loss! I was very good last week, stayed well within my points, and gained two and a half pounds. Grrrrrr.

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