Some fun finds for our workboxes!

Mar 30, 2009

I went to a local teacher store today and found some good finds to use in our workboxes.

The first thing I found was The Mailbox Idea Magazine for Teachers. I really liked this because it has worksheets on lots of different topics, it's based on different grade levels, has games and arts and crafts and it's cheap! It was $6 for over 25 different topics/ideas to use in it. Very cool in my book for cost and the fun ideas I found in their most recent issue.

The second thing I found was a new item for them called Animal Adaptations Reading Comprehension Cards. These are 6x8 cards that have colorful pictures on the front and on the back have info about the animal in the picture and reading comprehenion questions. There are 32 cards and a teachers guide included. They will fit great in the boxes and be a fun addition to what we do on a regular basis. They had different themes as well to choose from as well. For the $10 cost I felt it was a great deal for how much use I can get out of them.

And last I found Writing Styles Photo Prompts These are 6x8 cards just like the above ones that have a photo on the front and writing prompts on back. They give you options on different writing styles that include expository, narrative, descriptive and persuasive with prompts to go with each one.

I was pretty excited to find these and wanted to share them with any fellow workbox girls! ;)


  1. Jen said...:

    I had finally stopped my Mailbox subscription because I just wasn't using it enough, but last week I went through all my Preschool issues and found tons of stuff! I think I am going to re-subscribe! : )

    If you ever use their index and find you need something in an old issue, give me a yell. I have a bajillion Intermediate issues from when I was teaching.

  1. Anna B. said...:

    You should check - some libraries subscribe to Teacher Mailboxes, so you might be able to go to your library and check out old editions of this!

  1. I found you from Mrs. Cuddles blog and I am a newbie to the idea of workboxes. I hope to start soon with this. Thanks for sharing all your finds.

    Blessings in Him<><

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