Moving day tomorrow!

Mar 6, 2009

Well the day has finally arrived and I can't wait to be in our new place! We have some wonderful WONDERFUL friends coming in the morning to help us with the move and what a blessing they all are. Here are just a few pics of the new place. See all the white? Thank goodness I have a painter for a husband because I so not the white kind of gal! Of course I wish we could have painted it before moving in but we just didn't have the time. I'll show you more pictures when it gets all decorated and painted for sure! ;) I am so exhausted (actually beyond exhausted!) as I've packed up our whole house all by myself (except my kitchen with thanks to Rachel!) and moved over loads all week by myself! I even unpacked my kitchen for the most part already and whatever I could as I went along. Just can't wait to sleep there tomorrow and be done with the old place. Think of us tomorrow as we move and continue unpacking! ;)
One last thought. If you remember my post on how hard this was going to be on Kiersten and how she cried when we told her we were moving, well she has come full circle and is really excited about the move. It is still bittersweet for us but we are so thankful for the new place we found. It is a neighborhood that definitely has a lot of kids in it and a place where she can still ride her bike and play outside. God is good and provided just the right place for us! :)
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  1. Angie said...:

    God truly does provide, Heather. I'll be praying for you today -- and I'll be in touch about next weekend. (Mark's open to it, so far!) Hee hee!

  1. 3 Sons said...:

    Praying for you as you settle in!

  1. Leslie said...:

    So glad you are moved and that you see God's goodness in the midst of all of this change! Praying that you get settled quickly.

  1. Rachel said...:

    I can't wait to see how it all gets painted and decorated!

    I'm so glad Kiersten is feeling better about moving. I hated it when we moved 3hrs away nearly 5yrs ago. I don't do change, even little things, so that was really hard. I'm so glad she's come around.

  1. justjudie said...:

    hey neighbor!
    this looks so cute....glad K is seeing the possibilities of more new friends. learning to accept change will serve all of us in long run.see you thursday?

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