Moving Day!

Mar 9, 2009
I wouldn't usually have my camera out on moving day but when I came out front and saw all the girls, with Bailey in the middle, I couldn't resist! As I stood there and watched the girls for a bit I was a little overwhelmed with the change that would take place in coming days. It is a very bittersweet thing to leave this neighborhood because Kiersten has such wonderful friends there. The three girls on the left hand side are her good buddies and they are at our house all the time! Literally sometimes! I love the relationships Steve and I have been able to develop with them as well and will miss that. We will do our best to keep involved in these girls lives but not being able to be there for them to just pop in will make it different. Especially for one of them that has really become dear to our hearts. But my prayer is that we can maintain that relationship and that her heart will remain open to us like it has been. And praying that Kiersten will make new friends in our new place that will allow her to have a little of what she has had in our old neighborhood.
So thankful for our friends that came out and helped us move! You all are the best! :) Love ya all!

Our pups adjusting quite well to our new place. Of course a good bone always helps things go down a little better! ;)
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