Where I grew up!

May 19, 2009
The little itty one light stop town of New London, Ohio. If you look real close in the photo below you can see that one stop light! lol! It was one of those towns where everyone knew everyone and also everyone's business...lol! I would ride my bike everywhere and stay out really late with not a worry! Back then it really didn't look as small to me as it does in this picture. And not too much has changed since leaving when I graduated. They do have a small population McDonald's now! Lucky kids! :) It was one of those places where you knew who lived in every house, literally! I remember when Steve came with me once and I told him that he couldn't believe it. But you just did, it was that small!
And this is the house I grew up in from the time I was 5 until I left for College. 16 South Main Street. I would LOVE to have this house now and so wish my parents hadn't sold it during my college years. It was bulit in 1901 and amazing inside with woodwork everywhere and tiffany windows galore. It had 4 floors, 7 bedrooms, servant stairs, laundry shoots, a huge tiffany window in back (see below), summer rooms, 3 bathrooms and just such character! So many memories were made here!

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  1. Amy Harvey said...:

    Loved your blog on good ole' NL! I want to make one correction on how it is very different these days. Our old school was torn down and left in its place is a Dollar Store and an open, grassy lot. It makes me feel really old to say that my school was demolished. ha ha

  1. Jolene said...:

    LOVE UR BLOG! Love ur workboxes! We do them too! Just curious how u mae ur numbers? What are they made out of? looks like u made them your self? Im not creative but would looooveeee some like that! LMK pLLEEAASSEE! They are totally awesome!

  1. Jolene said...:

    BTW...love ur lil doggie too? Is she one of the little tiny tiny ones? MY MIL has a lil yorkie and he is sooo tiny. Not the sz of a reg yorkie...he is sooo shy and just soo cute! She just bread him with toy Snauhzrers? LOL. They will be called Snorkies.

  1. Mandi said...:

    So this is the house that Heidi said our house reminded her! The pictures and decription sound a lot like our house! It seems your house and ours also had the B-A-T issues! HaHa!


  1. Leslie said...:

    What a beautiful house! Love the description of your hometown. Sounds charming.

    Glad you are in NC now though!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    What a beautiful house

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What a beautiful house

  1. Heidi Lacy said...:

    My House I so want to buy it back kick the people out ans move it out of New London as we Know I wont move back there lol

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