Planning time!

Aug 7, 2009

" Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. "
-- William Butler Yeats

This week coming up is all about planning for the next school year. I have done a lot of it already but will finish it up next week, hopefully. My girl is up in Ohio for the next couple of weeks so that gives me lots of undivided time to do my planning and that makes me a very happy girl. I am definitely a planner! So once my girl comes home we will be all ready to jump right in.

My main goal this year is to really get Kiersten to just enjoy school. She is the type that doesn't really enjoy school at all, so anything I can do it make it fun for her is my goal. I have learned so much about myself along our journey and one of the biggest things is that we are totally different. The way she learns is NOT they way I do and I have had to learn to set my expectations aside in order to let her flourish. That hasn't been the easiest for me but worth more than I can communicate. I'm excited to have a plan for that as I have also learned that flying on a whim just doesn't work for us. Those are the times where school is too easy to set aside and not do and that is something we won't be doing this year.

I have a feeling that this is going to be our best year yet! At least I have high hopes for it to be!


  1. Lifesong... said...:

    I can't wait to see the fun things you do with Kiersten! You had such great craft ideas last year that I hope to snag at some point with my kiddo's. Kiersten is blessed to have you as a mom!


  1. That is GREAT, Heather! Love seeing that organization. Oh what fun we could have doing organizing together. LOL! Dorks. :)


  1. orangepekoe said...:

    looking forward to reading all about your journey this year. so inspiring!

  1. justjudie said...:

    Good luck!
    Hang in there H and K!!

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