Oct 22, 2009

Oh yeah! All of this for $1.99! I am so loving CVS these days! Couponing is definitely becoming a love of mine and it is really paying off. I actually could have gotten all of these for free but the my ECB's were I would have lost $2.00 since they don't give you change, so I decided to pay the difference out of pocket. So I really paid $3.99 for all the above but got $2.00 of ECB's back making it really $1.99 (since those work just like cash towards anything you want on your next purchase) This total, had I payed cash without using coupons and ECB's would have been $53.98. I am one happy girl! I do feel silly taking a picture of my groceries but it's worth it to share my joy of saving!

Just because I like lists here some breakdown of what I used for coupons:

Crunch were 2/5 and I have 2 $2 off coupons making them $1
Glade Sense and Spray were 2/10 and I used 1 $4.00 coupon, 2 $3 CVS coupons making these FREE!
Glade Plug Ins were 2/10 and I used 2 $3 CVS coupons and there were $2 coupons on each box making these FREE!!!
The chocolate bar was $1.99 and I had a cvs coupon making it FREE!

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