Wright on Time Review Arizona Book 1 Review

Nov 24, 2009
This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Wright on Time Books for this review.

Kiersten and I have been reading a new series of books that we are just loving.  It is about a homeschooling, or "roadschooling" as one of the kids puts it, family that travels in a RV across the United States and the adventures they face along the way.  We have really enjoyed the first book and I plan on ordering more to continue or study on the 50 states.  I love that it's about a homeschooling family since I don't know of too many books out there that are geared toward us.

This books starts off in Arizona with a family starting their "roadschooling" adventure by exploring a cave that they rented out for the day.  The adventure that follows for them is pretty exciting!

The books are very educational in nature as well and we learned a lot from them.  It was the perfect time for us as well as we were studying about bats in our Apologia Zoology book and this fit right in!  Love when that kind of stuff falls into place!  The book captured my daugters attention from the start and she looked forward to our reading time every day to find out what was happening next.

I would highly recommend these books, for homeschoolers and regular schoolers, as they are just wonderful!  They are a great length as well, not too long and not too short.  We finished the book in a week and that was just perfect for us.  My only wish was that I had another one on hand to keep going!

Here is a video you can watch to find out more about the Wright on Time Book 1 on Arizona:

You can find the book on their website here or on Amazon at this link.


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