Dec 2, 2009

We just finished up our Apologia Zoology 1 book and today we are having a bug party! So I made these really easy "dirt" cups to take along. You are supposed to use chocolate pudding for the bottom as well but I decided the chocolate cookies were enough chocolate so vanilla pudding balanced it out nicely.

All you do for this fun easy snack is:

3 packages of instant vanilla pudding
Oreos or any chocolate cookies
Gummie worms/bugs (I found some bugs and worms at Target)
Some clear cups so they can see it all

Make the pudding as directed on package and put in cups (I have about 3/4 cup in each)
Put about 20 cookies in a zipbloc baggie and pound away (a great way to get out any frustration!)
Put this on top of the pudding until you are almost to the top of the cup
Then simply place the bugs around on the tops
This made 9 and I had plenty left over to do more.


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