Purple Trail Review

Nov 27, 2009
I love to entertain and have parties so anything that helps me keep that organized and have fun with that is perfect for me!  I also love to send cards so that was just another reason I was excited to review this site.  Purple Trail is just that online tool!  Here are some quick facts about this very cool site:

1. PurpleTrail is totally ad-free. So your guests do not see any pesky ads along with your invites.
2. PurpleTrail has hundreds of pre-designed online invites, ecards and announcements. You could choose one and send it as it is OR customize it and make it yours by adding your own photos, videos, music and embellishments.
3.You could choose to even make your design from scratch. The PurpleTrail Design Centre makes it all very simple and easy for you to use.
4. Easily share your invite over social media sites like twitter and facebook.
5. It's easy to import your guest list from your yahoo/gmail/hotmail account.
6. PurpleTrail has features/modules keeping track of your guests, chatting with your guests in real time, adding a map to the event venue, pot-luck feature which helps each guest specify what they are getting for the party. And many more which makes your life easy as a party-planner.
7. PurpleTrail takes care of all your party planning needs from the start to finish. Besides invites you could design your own thank-you cards that could be sent post the event. Share your party photos and videos with your guests and vice-versa. The PurpleTrail party blog helps you come up with the invites wordings, party ideas, games, craft activities, decor and recipes for your event.
8.PurpleTrail was the first service where you could send invites over sms
9. You can even Print your invites, cards and announcements from PurpleTrail.com
10. Easy to use Interface and a reliable service.

Price: Depends on which membership you choose.....memberships range in price from free to $49.95 per year.

Here is a video that will explain it as well...

Pros that I found:
1.  The are hundreds of different choices to choose from in just about any holiday or event you may be looking for.
2.  You can directly import or address book from yahoo/hotmail or google for sending out your cards and invitations

3.  The ability to design your own from scratch and even to change the premade ones a little with different backgrounds, texts and removing objects you may not want or moving to a different place on the card

4.  The ability to see what others have designed and even use them for your own
5.  You can save your design and re-edit it at any time later on
6.  Different levels of membership and one is free
7.  The thank you that you can send out to your guests after the party is over

Cons that I found:
1.  I don't think it's the most user friendly site as I got lost a few times and couldn't figure out where I needed to be
2.  I had some trouble importing some pictures on a few cards I was trying to make and thought that could be easier to do
3.  You can print a card you make for the price of $3.95 which I think was kind of high.  But if you get the yearly membership you get to print them for free.  
4.  The site did seem a little slow at times

Overall, I like the Purple Trail and would recommend it to everyone. 

*This is a Mama Buzz review, and we were provided a free trial to Purple Trail in exchange for a review of their website.


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