Starting the Journey...

Jan 12, 2010
I have been wanting to blog about this but just haven't taken the time to sit down and do it.  Not to mention that it's one of those places that I have struggled with for almost a lifetime and sometimes it's hard to put all that down in writing.  There are so many emotions attached to it.  The "it" I am refering to is my struggle with my weight.  I have never been a skinny girl and have had body issues for as long as I can remember.  I have tried SO many ways to loose weight, some good and many bad, and nothing has ever really clicked for me.  I even tried just being happy being who I am and where I was and that didn't work because I knew in my heart that I wasnt really happy being that person. 

Like many people, I watch the Biggest Loser and sit there saying to myself that one day I will do that for me.  But season after season I did nothing after the finale but wait for the next show to premiere.  I finally had a "aha" moment during this last show that got me off the couch and serious about doing something.  It was after I saw Tracey come back and run the mile she couldn't after the season opener and how good she looked.  I sat there thinking "dang if she can do it I can too!"  I didn't like her at all on the show and sad to say that motivated me some!  But it was more than that too.  There were many "aha" little moments that led up to that one and that one just topped it off for me. 

So I decided to start using that gym membership that my husband got us about a year ago along with the personal trainer we had already paid for.  Going to the gym was pretty hard at first thinking all the eyes were on me as I walked in.  But I quickly got over that and know that really isn't the case.  Now I go 5 days a week and sometimes more and I can actually say that I like it!  I never thought those words would come out of my mouth!  Really!  And I meet with the personal trainer once a week right now.  I'm getting ready to meet with a new one soon and am looking forward to that.  I like how I feel after I have worked out and know that I am doing something good for my body and the results are starting to show.

The best part about all this is that I am starting to like the clothes I am wearing!  I hate shopping and especially when I have to shop in the large woman's section.  It's not that fun when all you want to do is cut the tag out of your clothes because you can't even face the size on it!  I had a very happy day last week when I went into the regular department at Target for a pair of jeans and actually was down a size from what I took into the dressing room so had to go back and get a smaller size.  You  bet I did a funny little happy dance in that dressing room!  This has been a huge motivation for me in the last couple of weeks and I am really liking shopping these days! 

I had been doing Weight Watchers and wasn't seeing the results that I wanted so decided to stop that and start the Biggest Loser online program.  I really like that!  I am eating more food and loosing more weight and that is a good result.  This is a life change for me and not just a diet "program".  I have done those types of things and they never stick.  Yes you may get some good results but that isn't anything that will be lasting.  I am eating lots of good fruits and veggies, organic meats, and concentrating on the amount of calories and that is working great.  Something that I can make a lifestyle. 

So this the yet another begining to this journey I have been on for some time, but one that I feel stronger and more passionate about than ever before.  Something has definitely clicked in me this time and I'm running with it! 


  1. Heather said...:

    You go girl!!!! Your continuous posts on FB about working out are inspiring :)

  1. David Miller said...:

    Heather, the real you is being unwrapped! To see you loving YOU is awesome, and sharing how you are integrating that into a lifestyle is gonna impact MANY! Strong, healthy, courageous, tenacious, tender, devoted, joyous...that's you!

  1. David Miller said...:

    David Miller comment is from Julie, tho he would totally agree!

  1. Heidi Lacy said...:

    Heather, You are doing Great and its fun to be helping eachother do this journey.. this is the year that The sisters will be who we want to be! Healthy Happy and smaller!

  1. Amanda said...:

    Don't you love how addicting working out can become. This is one addiction that is good to have. Keep it up! On day(s) you don't want to, it's probably the day(s) you need it the most. That's been my experience. :)

  1. Cajunrose said...:

    I am in the SAME boat that you are...I am standing beside you doing the same thing. I'm doing WW and that doesn't work, I'll do the BL program. I need to learn to love exercise. I HATE it right now..with a passion.

    You CAN do are worth it.

  1. Scarlett said...:

    Way to go, Heather! I'm cheering you on!!!

  1. Jill said...:

    I am so proud of you Heather!!

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    Hi Heather! It's been ages since I stopped by girlie but I was thinking about you today. What a wonderful journey that you have started!! What an encouragement that you are to other women and a true testimony to treating your body as a holy temple!!! I am proud of you!!!! :)

    I loved your pages, and am glad you are back scrapping! I invited a friend to come along for your retreat and it never panned out, and then things happened in my life to make it so I couldn't come. I sure hope you have one of these kinds of things again! I would love to meet you and come for a retreat one day!

    I read your post about Rachel moving. It reminded me so much of England and leaving our friends {now they are all in the states but far away still!} and I love your comment at the bottom of that post as well! It's true. There are days where I long so much to spend the time with my friends as I did for 6 years and although I would give anything to do that, I realize that it was a season and I should cherish that!!! Thank you for the reminder!

    I hope all is well with you and yours! Do take care and I will be lifting you up in prayer on your journey!!!!

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