She loves it!

Apr 20, 2010

Gymnastics is one of those things that I always wanted Kiersten to get into but didn't push it when she said no.  She actually took a after school class in first grade at Artspace, where she went to school, and decided in her sweet little head that she knew everything there was to know about gymnastics!  For those of you that know my girl, this won't surprise you at all!  She can be quite stuck in her ways sometimes and I have no idea WHO she gets that! 

She started doing gymnastics about 2 years ago and absolutely loves it!  I'm glad I didn't force it on her when I wanted her to do it as I know she would most likely not like it as much as she does now.  But I still digress...that's my girl! She even made the comment one day, after I told her how I wanted her to do it when she was little but she wanted nothing to do with it, her comment was well "why didn't you make me?!"  OY!

So her first request when we told her about moving was to find a place as soon as possible for her to continue her gymnastics.  So we found Xtreme Gymnastics and really love it!  It's wonderful to see her fitting right in and enjoying it so much.  And she was placed on a team right away and level 4, which is great!  And I love the fact that there are bleachers I can sit and take pictures of her!  Of course I'm sure she just rolls her eyes at me at times but I'm used to that! 

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