Around the World Geography Co-Op Week 1 and 2 Holland

Nov 16, 2010

We are in our second week of Holland for our geography co-op.  It's exciting to be on our second country already.  Loving the group that has been put together and getting to know the moms and their kids.  So far we have...

*Learning about the location of Holland and whether you call it Holland or The Netherlands or both!

*Watched a cute video about Holland that you can find here if you want to see... here

*Tried two different cheeses from Holland and got to have a taste testing

*Learned about wooden shoes and where they originated from and even got to touch and try on a real pair directly from Holland

*Made a cute are project made by a mom from Holland that you can check out here if you want

*Learned about tulips and how they got started and the history behind them

*Learned about the artist Rembrandt and Piet Mondrian

3 more weeks of the journey through Holland to go!

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