What would your sign say?

Nov 9, 2010
I read this blog yesterday and it really hit me...in a good way.  It made me think about the sign that would be around my neck.  And about the people around me and what I would see around their's.  It's been a pretty emotional time these past few months and I know depending on the day, I could where I different sign each one. Yesterday I think my sign would have said, "I'm so lonely and fighting off depression and trying to pull myself out of this so please be gentle with me"  I"m trying to be thankful for the little things and know that there are so many worse places I could be.  One day at a time is what I'm trying to do right now.  My prayer is that I will have compassion for those around me that I know could be carrying signs just like this around their necks.   And that no matter what sign you may be wearing I will be gentle and understanding with you.  I know someday I will look back on this time and hopefully see the good that has come out of it but for now I'm just trying to get through each day, one step at a time. 


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