Still in shock!!!!

Jan 20, 2011
Yep, that pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now!  This week has been a whirlwind of new beginnings and one that I didn't think would ever happen!  And, quite honestly, had stopped hoping for a long time ago!  So you can imagine my surprise upon taking a pregnancy test because I hadn't been feeling too well for awhile and I have done that throughout the years to simply rule it out since I'm not that regular, and seeing it turn "pregnant" SO very quickly I didn't even have time to catch my breath!  Yes I just about hyperventilated!  The test said the results will show up in three minutes but I didn't get MY 3 minutes!  lol!  I think I'm going to write the company and tell them I want my 3 minutes before my world went upside down!  :)  So 4 tests later, you know one has to be sure about these things, I'm still very pregnant and to say the least in utter complete shock!

And to be honest, I"m still not too sure of my emotions with all of this!  For the first 2 days I just laughed! Really laughed!  And then last night the tears came hard.  I'm excited, scared, filled with awe, a little dreadful of the whole pregnancy thing, nervous, filled with complete joy, shocked and I'm sure more that I can't even put a name to just yet.  This is something that we have prayed for for years and something that took us by complete surprise!  I hadn't prayed for this in a LONG time!  God has definitely shown us that His timing is not ours!  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it all!  The one thing I do know for sure is that He is faithful and His ways are far better than any we could try to make happen!  I'm going to have a baby at 39!  I always said that if nothing happen by 35 then that was it.  Well when you try for so long you just stop thinking about it eventually.  And of course, since we had tried so long we figured we surely didn't need to use any kind of protection!  What a silly concept huh?!  I don't think I"m laughing at that now!  :)  But you know we have only done the "deed" twice so I guess we should have tried sooner!  LOL!  Guess we are 2 for 2 now!  Just took a little longer to get around to the second time.  :)

We told Kiersten a few nights ago and she was pretty happy, to say the least!  She has been asking to adopt vigorously for years and now she can finally stop asking that question  because she is going to be a big sister!  I think that is the most exciting part of it all for me right now.  Having only one girl and knowing she would have no immediate family if something were to ever happen to us, has always made me sad to think upon.  But now she will have a little sister/brother to watch over and they will be together.  That alone brings me to tears of thankfulness!  She is beyond excited and already making stuff for the baby!  She it too cute!

We knew we were going to have new beginnings when we left Asheville, but this was definitely something that never crossed my mind that could be one of them!  I have to admit that I have been a little sad not being around familiar things during all of this but God is good and has placed people in my life here to fill that need.  But you can bet I'm going back to Asheville for the biggest baby shower ever!  :)  Okay I'm so not ready to even think about that stuff!

So here is our nice little family of three that just found out we are now 4!  Thank you Papa for your faithfulness!  We are overwhelmed by it all and don't understand the timing but thankful just the same!   Praying the shock will wear off soon!  I found this quote the other day and it pretty much sums up how we are feeling right now.


  1. Becca L. said...:

    I am overwhelmed with joy for you!

  1. scraps_n_stuff said...:

    Congratulations! What an amazing time for your family!

  1. annette said...:

    heather, SHUT UP!!!!!!!! WOW I am so excited for you! You are going to be a new mom at 39. And I am going to be a Grandma and 41. funny how things turn out. never up to us. only up to him, I learned that long ago. Your baby is going to be soooo loved with that big sister around.

  1. Lisa said...:

    I thought I'd come by and 'follow' your blog so I can see this all play out. :oD

    I was a new mom at 40 after 5 yrs with no baby. I remember the shock well! I honestly do think that 40 is a great time to have a baby-not near as many hangups as a twentysomething. Even though we got much more than we bargained for when we got Eli, the journey has been PURE JOY and I am thankful that the Lord chose to bless us with the boy and the journey.

    Take care~
    'Lisalyn' (FIAR)

  1. Laura Kurz said...:

    Congrats, Heather! Do you know when you are you due? Can't wait to follow your journey!

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