Which will it be?!

Mar 31, 2011
Monday is our big day when we get to find out what we are having, boy or girl!  I'm very excited but also very nervous!  I have to be totally honest and say that I never wanted boys even when we thought we would have more after Kiersten.  It was just something I never desired.  And now of course, many are telling me I'm going to have a boy since our first was a girl and especially since I really don't want one.  I know I'm bad for even saying that but it's the truth.  So I'm glad we are finding out soon so, IF it's a boy, I'll have a good amount of time to prepare myself for the shock of it.  So if you are the mom of a boy, please tell me your good boy stories so I can be excited about little boys!  I have to say I have seen some really cute ones lately!  I know I will be happy no matter what we have because I know that this is a gift from God and in His perfect timing.  :)  But if it's a boy I'll just need a little more time to prepare myself for the little one.  :)


  1. Shannon Taylor said...:

    Ooooo boys are awesome, girly! Lots of boys are mommy's boys. My first is still super snuggly with me & he's 14!! Love you girl! So glad I peeked at your blog. I was hoping you'd updated! ;0) BIG HUGS! Miss you!

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