Apr 3, 2011

I sure wish my cankles looked cute!  Not so much when you are an adult and pregnant!  Definitely feeling the down side of pregnancy these days.  I could barely get my wedding ring off today and think I may be keeping it off for awhile now just to be safe.  How sad!  :(  I don't remember swelling much with Kiersten until the last month so this is new for me.  I'm already thinking of the long hot summer I'm going to have to endure here in Missouri and dreading it!  

And my pregnancy brain somehow mixed up that my appointment where we get to find out the sex is not tomorrow but Tuesday.  ugh!  At least it's just one day difference and not any longer!  So Tuesday is our big day!

Do we buy this....

or this...

that is the question that will be answered on Tuesday! So stay tuned! ;)


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