Oh BOY!!!!

Apr 16, 2011
I'm sure most have heard by now but I haven't had a chance to blog here about it and get some of those emotions out just yet.  We are officially having a boy!  I have to say that I wasn't in the least bit shocked as my husband said from the very beginning that he thought it was a boy.  He said the same thing about Kiersten being a girl and there are just some things he says that I don't doubt and this was one of them.  I just lived in denial until we knew for sure.  And boy (no punn intended!) did he make it very clear during our ultrasound!  He is a very proud little boy!  lol!  I really think I'm still getting over the shock of just being pregnant right now and this will take a little while to set in.  I am just very thankful that it is a very healthy little boy and that no matter what God has it all under control.  We had a extensive ultrasound where they look for lots of different things that could be wrong and measurements and from what they could see he seems to be a perfectly healhty little boy.  For that, I'm thankful for!

Afterwards Kiersten and I did a little retail therapy that really helped us get in the mood for a little boy.  They do make some really cute stuff thankfully.  It's just different from anything I have ever known or wanted but I am just so thankful that God knows me better than I even know myself. :)  We are in store for a whole new adventure and I can't wait to meet our little guy in August!

**will post some ultrasound pictures later!**


  1. Kristi B said...:

    Congrats Heather!! Boys are awesome...you will love haveing a Mommy's boy!!:)

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