39 Weeks!

Aug 17, 2011

I can hardly believe that the end is finally in site and that end is one I never would have put myself in! lol! So many emotions going through my head right now and of course can't sleep too well. I'm so excited to meet our new little one! Not to mention be done with the whole being pregnant part! I do have to say that I have enjoyed it for the most part, especially thinking it would never happen again after so many years of praying, crying and waiting. I'm pretty nervous about the whole doctor/c-section thing, but I know it will be okay. Me and doctors just don't mix too well so I'm praying it all goes smoothly tomorrow and the pain won't be too much.

I had no idea that Kiersten was going to be our last one at the time we had her, or so I thought! lol! In the 12 years since I've had her I've often wished that I had known as there would have been so many more things I would have enjoyed about being pregnant and just knowing that this was the last. Little did I know there was just going to be a 12 year stretch between them! With this one, I know and it just feels different. I know it's the last time a baby will ever be inside me (of course, unless God has other plans of which I'm unaware of and that wouldn't surprise me!) But then the doctors that do the tubal ligation tomorrow with have some answers to be talking about! And of course with Kiersten I was so sick the whole time I was just more than ready to be done. I enjoyed the pregnancy but not like I have been able to this one in different ways. There's just something about knowing that this will be your last that makes it different.

Things I won't miss...
*getting up to pee about every hour
*having to sleep on my side (I miss my stomach!)
*not being able to even get up from the couch without your husband's help! seriously?!
*my lovely shrek feet and hands
*not being able to breathe
*the intense heartburn I've had that literally wakes me up from a dead sleep

Things I will miss...
*feeling him inside me and just knowing that he is safe and such a part of me
*people answering my calls no matter what thinking I've gone into labor! lol-this cracks me up!
*Kiersten and Steve being able to feel him kick inside me and talking with him

Things I'm looking forward too...
*finally seeing his little face and being able to hold him
*sleeping someday!
*sleeping on my tummy someday!
*the joy that I know I will see tomorrow on my husbands and daughters face as we welcome little Kaden into our lives
*being a family of 4

So many thoughts!

I'm just filled with awe and wonder as I sit here even typing this and the simple fact that this is my life. Wow...I'm going to have a baby in about 61/2 hours and that almost seems crazy! Off to try to get some more sleep as tomorrow a whole new chapter will begin in our lives and I'm pretty excited to say the least!

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  1. Tracey said...:

    Congratulations on your new baby!

    Tracey FIAR

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