Our Second Miracle!

Aug 20, 2011

It still feels so surreal to be holding our second little miracle in our hands tonight!  We had a hard time getting pregnant with Kiersten and really thought she would forever be our only child and had come to terms with that.  Well God obviously had different plans since we just welcomed our second miracle into the world on Wednesday August 17th at 10:34 am.  God is SO good!  Even when it's not what we had planned.  As I sit and star at him it's hard to not get overwhelmed at just how much of a miracle he really is!

His delivery was so different from Kiersten's too and in much better ways!  With her I had 20 hours of labor and then a c-section.  Kaden was a planned c-section and things went just as planned.  Just the way I like them since I'm a self proclaimed control freak! lol!  The only issue during the c-section was my first spinal didn't take so I had to have another one and thankfully that one was pure bliss!  They were going to have to put me completely under if that one didn't take and then Steve would not have been able to come in and that would have been very sad.  I think the tears I cried when they told me that really made them make sure it worked the second time around.  I needed my man by my side!

Kaden had some issues from the very start with his breathing so we were in the OR longer than normal while they worked on him and also tied my tubes.  As much as we love babies we don't want anymore surprises!  Two miracles are about this mama can take in one lifetime!  :)  

 Kiersten could not wait to come meet her new little brother and she is one of the happiest little girls right now!  Due to his breathing issues, she couldn't hold him right away and that was hard for her but I think she will be making up that time very soon!  He hadn't been put in the NICU yet but they were monitoring his rapid breathing and just Steve and I were allowed to hold him with skin to skin contact.  Kiersten wasn't happy about that but she understood.  They didn't want him stressed out anymore than he already was and were trying to get his breathing under control.  Unfortunately, he earned himself a ticket into the NICU and spent the next 2 days there.  We are very thankful to be at a hospital with a level 3 NICU right now the hallway so we didn't have to be too separated from him.  I couldn't go down to feed him until they cleared me to get out of bed so Steve and Kiersten had that task.  I don't think Kiersten minded one bit!
 My heart is so full right now!  Holding my new little guy and hardly believing we are here!
He is truly our second little miracle!


  1. rhonda said...:

    congratulations. he is beautiful!!! i'm so happy for you all!

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